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Tips to Avoid Construction Disputes

No matter how big or small of a project you are working on, circumstances will cause disputes anyhow. As a constructor you will get caught up whether it is between the firm and the stakeholders or the project lead and yourself.


You can avoid construction disputes easily by following these pro tips:

  • Written agreement

Even if you are working with friends or family, make sure that everything that you have agreed upon is documented on paper. Get a legal agreement from your solicitor so that there is no room for error. Document each and everything for future referencing.

  • Resolve issues before they’re out of the hand

Solve the problems instantly instead of lingering it on. If two people have difference of opinion settle them down and collectivelyreach a conclusion. This will make sure that nothing gets out of control; you should also document these changes and issues.

  • Variations

In case of a change or variations, check the construction law along with the contract to see if there is a clash. If you believe that the variation won’t affect the contract then go ahead with it.

  • Handle the delays

If you think that the work won’t be done on time then it is important that you inform everyone working on the project and handle the situation before time. Sometimes, the delays lead to losses and other problems. So make sure that you deal with the situation properly.

With the help of construction law solicitors, you can resolve the issues before they even start to shape up. It is better that you stick with the standard protocol and get everything on paper. Decide the services you will be providing prior to signing the deal.