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Are party streamers out of date?

In the parties of the 80s and 90s, party streamers were definitely a staple part of any decoration. Any kind of party which was thrown for any occasion would feature of the party streamers on a regular basis. However, with the parties of today, party streamers are definitely inconspicuous. They are not to be found in any movies as well which featured the population of today. So, what led to the decline of the party streamers in our parties?

Simply speaking, most of the parties of today feature food and drinks, there is not a lot that can actually be told about the decoration. People normally gather, get on their mobile phones, talk with your friends and have a wonderful time, while drinking. Hence, they are not going to take the initiative to appreciate the kind of decoration that you have put up for the party. All they have come to the party is to have a wonderful time, and hence they directly go for meeting with friends, and having food and drinks.

Under such a constraint, party streamers are definitely out of the loop when it comes to decoration. For that matter, decoration is something that has become a lost art amongst the generation of today. Nobody thinks twice about visiting a party that is devoid of any decoration. So, you realize that there is a certain laxity in that department, and under most circumstances, people are not going to care about visiting a party without any decorations.