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How to Solve Problem Parsing JPEG Data In Photoshop ?

Have you ever faced a situation when you tried to open an image file in Photoshop and you got the warning message that the "Problem Parsing the JPEG Data"? A lot of people are seen to be worried about this situation and searching technical options to resolve it. But the interesting fact is that a corrupted JPEG or JPG file can result in such an error message and can make you confused for a long time. In case, if this issue has occurred due to an incomplete download of the image raw data, the issue can be resolved easily. There are multiple options available for this among which the simplest one is using the Paint application on your device. In this case, you only have to open the file having the issue in Paint and then save it as a new file. Now open the new file in Photoshop and it will work.

Some people are also seen to be making use of the Snipping Tool application in the Windows PCs to resolve the Problem Parsing JPEG Data Photoshop CC error. Here what they will do is to open the image in Windows Photo Viewer and create a new image file from it using the Snipping Tool. After that opening, the new file will resolve this issue. Even though it doesn't have any technical background, there is a much effective way available than the above two options. Here also the image will be first opened in the Windows Image Viewer. Then it should be rotated, saved and closed. Now open the file again and restore the rotation back to the previous state, save and close. Then if you try to open the file in the Adobe Photoshop, it will work without any problem.